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The Atmosphere a Child Breathes

A week or two ago, after a particularly atrocious day with children and school, and life, I stayed awake much of the night pondering the idea of atmosphere in the home. As I’ve written before, the responsibility of… Read More

Yelling Shakespeare

Several years ago while reading When Children Love to Learn, I remember coming across the words of Marion Berry. It was like a gust of fresh wind blowing into our homeschool when I came across her particular slant… Read More

Spreading the Feast

One of my favorite things about the Charlotte Mason method is the way Charlotte valued all children; rich, poor, strong, weak, bright and dull. She believed in what she called “spreading the feast” for all children: reading the… Read More

The First Week of School

School started last week. As usual, it was a bumpy start. I wasn’t intending to write about it due to the horrifying nature of the entire week. But when I spent a few minutes writing notes about it… Read More

A Guide for your Charlotte Mason Journey – Mentoring with Nancy Kelly

When you’re new to the Charlotte Mason method, everything can seem a little overwhelming. It certainly was for me! I remember bumping around the internet, reading all the books I could get my hands on, searching, searching for… Read More

The Living Education Retreat

Last week I had the privilege of flying hundreds of miles away to Iowa to attend the Living Education Retreat. (Yes, my husband is amazing for staying home with crazy people.) I knew it was going to be… Read More

In Defense of the Charlotte Mason Husband

The longer I use the Charlotte Mason method, the more I love it. I think many of my Charlotte Mason friends feel similarly. This is truly an amazing method that just keeps on giving. And yet. There’s a… Read More

For the Children’s Sake

Sometimes I want to demystify the Charlotte Mason method for people who are curious! But there is so much here. How can I summarize this way of life into a short explanation?! I can’t. It wouldn’t do it… Read More

Why I love The Cloud of Witness

Some of you will already be familiar with the reprint of The Cloud of Witness that was published by Nancy Kelly last summer. (If you don’t own a copy, it is now available on Amazon, as well as… Read More

mother care

Some of you are already familiar with the wonderful essay on “Mother Culture” written many years ago by an anonymous contributor to Charlotte Mason’s PNEU (Parent’s union) newsletter. (If you haven’t read it, you might want to go… Read More