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A Retreat… ‘For the Children’s Sake’

Last week I spent time with some special people at the Living Education Retreat in Iowa. Nancy Kelly and the ladies who work so hard to put this retreat together are pretty incredible. 

A Narration of Reconsidering Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition

This week I was able to read an enlightening post by a fellow Charlotte Mason educator that I very much appreciated. You may have heard of Art Middlekauff’s detailed response on the CMI blog to Karen Glass’s book,… Read More

The Living Education Retreat

Last week, it was my privilege to attend the Living Education Retreat held in Frontenac State Park…a long way from home. Since I have wanted to attend this retreat for three years now, it felt like a major… Read More

How to Begin a Charlotte Mason Education

Teaching children using a Charlotte Mason Education can seem to be a daunting task. When you first step into this new world, it can be overwhelming. You have books, blogs, and Google. As you begin to wade through… Read More

a new way of seeing

I realized it would be irresponsible to toss a new blog out there and go off yammering about method and philosophy as though everyone was already familiar with Charlotte and her ideas. I’m not the best at explaining… Read More