Parents and Children

Have you read Charlotte Mason’s Second Volume, Parents and Children?  Each time I begin a new book by Charlotte, I feel like I’m in for a big surprise! I began reading it with some friends last year, and we made it halfway through before taking a break. I picked it up again this fall, and as I flipped through the chapters, I was struck again by profound truth and wisdom. This is an amazing book.

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For the Children’s Sake

Sometimes I want to demystify the Charlotte Mason method for people who are curious! But there is so much here. How can I summarize this way of life into a short explanation?!

I can’t. It wouldn’t do it justice.  Read More

“If mothers could do for themselves…”


Today was one of those days. I knew it before breakfast was over. As I stood at the sink washing dishes, and praying that the Lord would give me what I needed to teach all of these kids, a phrase ran through my head: “if mothers could do for themselves what they do for their children when they are overdone…”

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Why I love The Cloud of Witness

Some of you will already be familiar with the reprint of The Cloud of Witness that was published by Nancy Kelly last summer. (If you don’t own a copy, it is now available on Amazon, as well as Riverbend Press.)

This is an eclectic little book of daily readings of scripture and poetry (from the great minds) that Charlotte Mason chose as her graduation gift for her students leaving her teacher training college. It was precious to them, because they would all be reading the same words together daily, even though they were separated by time and space.  Read More

mother care

Some of you are already familiar with the wonderful essay on “Mother Culture” written many years ago by an anonymous contributor to Charlotte Mason’s PNEU (Parent’s union) newsletter. (If you haven’t read it, you might want to go read it here.) It is fascinating to me that some things haven’t changed much in a hundred years. Mothers still get worn down and need a little mental refreshing.  Read More

A Retreat… ‘For the Children’s Sake’

Last week I spent time with some special people at the Living Education Retreat in Iowa. Nancy Kelly and the ladies who work so hard to put this retreat together are pretty incredible.  Read More

A Narration of Reconsidering Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition

This week I was able to read an enlightening post by a fellow Charlotte Mason educator that I very much appreciated. You may have heard of Art Middlekauff’s detailed response on the CMI blog to Karen Glass’s book, Consider This.

You may have even read Art’s post. If that is the case, I’ll bet this little narration won’t be of much interest to you!

As I read Art’s post, I was convinced of its importance in the Mason community, and at the same time was concerned that many who might wish to understand the issues might not take the time to read the whole thing…because it was pretty long.  Read More

“we were truly of no account, that no flesh should glory in His presence”

I read this quote a few months ago, and put it in my commonplace book (of course). Then I put it on the fridge, and it has come to have deep and special meaning to me over these months of uncertainty with our little foster children. I wanted to share it here.  Read More

how we fell for Shakespeare

Several years ago I heard about the value of reading Shakespeare with my children. To me, it seemed a little crazy! I mean, Shakespeare? I didn’t have the best impression of those dry and boring plays.

Later as I began to delve into all that was included in a Charlotte Mason education, and the apparent benefits behind reading Shakespeare, I decided we’d give it a try.   Read More

“God is not dead, nor doth He sleep”

I think it’s sort of amazing how things fall into place in our school sometimes.

Late this fall I still hadn’t chosen the Christmas hymn we would study in December. I’m usually more prepared, but I hadn’t had time to study and research as I have had in the past. Normally I would plan ahead, we would listen to the hymn, use it for some of our December copy work and learn the story behind the hymn.

I thought some of you would enjoy hearing the story of our Christmas hymn this year. Read More