for the love of nature


Recently, one of my children said “You know Mom, really everything that is science is nature. Our bodies are nature, really, and the sea, and the other things we study for science, we could really just call them all nature study.” Read More

time to stand and stare

Last year I came across a poem that I love. It meant a lot to me, because although I love to stand and stare, I often don’t have (or make) the time!

A few weeks ago I was at my favorite Goodwill and found a beautiful book in the poetry section. For any Tasha Tudor fans out there, you’ll appreciate this one. Guess what I opened the book right up to? Yep, it was that poem I love. Most of my friends also know that I love cows, so it just happens that when you combine stopping to stare, and there are cows involved…well, it couldn’t be more perfect. Read More

The Canterbury Cathedral

I could never have known when we began to read Our Island Story just how special that book would turn out to be.

It took awhile for the faithful plugging away to produce some fruit. At first it was just history. And then as we all grew to love the stories, something special happened. We loved a place not because we had seen it, but because we knew so much about it.

Education, like Faith is the evidence of things not seen.

-Charlotte Mason

I could not have known that four years after our first child began to read those stories, we would have a special opportunity to visit a tiny corner of England. Read More

The Living Education Retreat

Last week, it was my privilege to attend the Living Education Retreat held in Frontenac State Park…a long way from home.


Since I have wanted to attend this retreat for three years now, it felt like a major accomplishment! They only accept a limited amount of attendees in order to keep the setting small and personal. Last winter, I was thrilled to find that I had made it in! Great rejoicing!

Thank goodness for Michael pushing me (and paying for me) to go do this. I wasn’t so sure about leaving everyone, as I haven’t really done that. But Michael is a saint. I left on his busiest days of the week, and he took care of everything!

How can I describe the refreshment and blessing of that time? Read More

Charlotte Mason for the early years: obedience

I have spent much time thinking of how to write about the early years. There are many helpful ideas in Charlotte’s first volume, Home Education (a guide for birth to age 9).

I decided to begin with small bites. Obedience seems like a perfect place to start.

We make our days so difficult when we attempt to teach and wrangle children who have not first been taught to obey! Read More

a teenager and a commonplace book

I love the surprises on this Charlotte Mason journey.

As my daughter and I were finishing a rather long conversation last week, our talk shifted to our various personal challenges. I briefly mentioned my desire to encourage others in their marriages. But I explained that it can be difficult at times to have a strong marriage, and how unpopular it can be to say challenging things about marriage to those who are truly struggling.

We left the room a minute later, and I thought she was off to do her schoolwork. But no, she had returned with a book! She mentioned that she had already put this quote in her commonplace book, and suggested that I do the same. (I had to chuckle at my words coming back at me out of her mouth. “This is a good quote, I’m going to put it in my commonplace book, maybe you will want to also!”) Read More

character and history books

To some of us nothing in all the world seems so hard as to own ourselves in the wrong.


– Marshall, This Country of Ours

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How to Begin a Charlotte Mason Education

Teaching children using a Charlotte Mason Education can seem to be a daunting task. When you first step into this new world, it can be overwhelming. You have books, blogs, and Google. As you begin to wade through the information, it becomes clear that not all Charlotte Mason resources are created equal.

I wanted to offer you a short guide that may be helpful if you are thinking seriously of using this method. Read More

Nature Anatomy!


It was exciting to get this beautiful book in the mail this week. The cover is genius. I loved it as soon as I saw it.

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a new way of seeing

I realized it would be irresponsible to toss a new blog out there and go off yammering about method and philosophy as though everyone was already familiar with Charlotte and her ideas.

I’m not the best at explaining things. I ramble. You’d want to smack me and run off screaming if I told you everything. So I’ll tell you some.
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