Welcome to Eventide!

My name is Mary, and I started this little blog because my family blog started to be over-run with Charlotte Mason posts. I love to discuss the ideas and methods behind a Charlotte Mason education, but I realize that not everyone is as excited about it as I am. So here we have a little blog devoted to a “living education”.

I try to be serious enough to have a real Charlotte Mason blog, but my silly, sarcastic side keeps sneaking out. So don’t mind me, I love Charlotte and all that can be found in this way of life, no matter how much I make fun of myself while putting these methods into practice!

Speaking of making fun of myself…I never eat donuts, but when I do…look out!

Best donut in the world. Pacific Grove, CA.

I’m married to a smart, funny, incorrigible man. He’s my favorite. It’s important to me that he’s not married to Charlotte Mason Education…but that he’s married to a girl. So I try to keep all of that straight. But he does graciously listen to a good amount of educational philosophy. 😉 He’s a good guy. Buys me a lot of old books…

We have children. Here are a few of them.

Just kidding, that’s all of them. Seven. It doesn’t really feel like that many anymore.

Oldest and youngest

I’m pretty grateful for them. They sure make life interesting.

What else could you want to know?

* October is my favorite month.

* I have an astounding number of books…that I try to keep under control, but they ooze into places they don’t belong.

* I’m a pastor’s wife. Which has it’s perks, let me tell you…I get to live with the pastor.

* I don’t like to make lunch. Lunch is my enemy.

* We live in a tiny house. I am continually pondering how to squeeze more people into this space (1,000 sq feet), so I look for ways to simplify what we own so we can fit more people. At our house we are committed to the idea that children are people, and they matter to us more than having a lot of nice things. (Edited to add that we had to quickly put a bedroom on the house last year, so we are at a whopping 1,300 sq ft now. Whew.) (Now edited to add that we moved again to a not so tiny house…which is more challenging than the tiny house! Who knew?!)

*We are in the tricky process of adopting children. We currently have four foster children, bringing our family count up to 9. (!) (Edited to mention, those four children are our children now. They really like that. So do we.)

*I think it goes without saying that I am thrilled to have found the Charlotte Mason way of educating. This way of life brings joy and freedom. I’m grateful for my continuing education!