Welcome to Eventide

Thanks for coming to check out my new blog, I’m glad you came!

For some time now, I’ve been feeling a little badly for tormenting my readers over on the family blog with endless Charlotte Mason quotes.

I realized it was time for a new blog!

After several years using the Charlotte Mason method, I am ready to start sharing what I’ve been learning with my friends. (And anyone who will listen!)

I plan to introduce you to Charlotte and her ideas in the next few weeks. Anyone already using her methods will likely know much more than me, but for my friends who will join me here and have never heard of this way of life, I am happy to explain it.

The name Eventide came to me one day as THE name when we were doing our hymn study of “Abide with me”. Several reasons came to mind of why it was just right.

First, “fast falls the Eventide” couldn’t be more true. The days fly by, our children grow so quickly, and I continually need the reminder to enjoy these days of learning with them, because it won’t last forever.

Next, I love that the verse Luke 24:29 inspired the hymn.

“Abide with us; for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent.”

Whew. I feel like all mothers know what it means when we say

The day is far spent!

It doesn’t mean we should lay down and cry…but sometimes it could!

For me, a lot of thinking happens in the evening. The coffee has finally kicked in, and I have some ideas of how to do things better tomorrow. I write a few notes about school, and what I will try next time. I write a few thoughts about something funny that happened, or a new goal that was reached. Some evenings I might need to pray and maybe go around apologizing to one (or more) small people for something I’ve said or done that hurt (if I haven’t already). But that is also good.

So reflecting in the evenings has become my habit. And then I try to put those thoughts “to bed”, so to speak. Then my mind is free to give my attention to Michael. Husbands are important too!

Lastly, Eventide is one word. Neat. Tidy. Eight letters. And sort of like “fortnight”, it has gone out of style, which is just right for me.

Thanks for joining me here, I think we’re going to have fun!

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