Character and History Books

To some of us nothing in all the world seems so hard as to own ourselves in the wrong.


– Marshall, This Country of Ours

Oh, the timing of our readings. The very same child who had this reading came to me hours earlier to own up to doing something that they now regretted . This took great courage.

I love that our history contains sections like this. The irony was not lost on us…

Perhaps you may think that there is nothing in this story to make you proud of your ancestors. But think again. Think of the courage of those men and women who cheerfully went to death rather than save their lives by lying and making false confessions. Truth to those brave men and women was worth more than life. And is there nothing to be proud of in the fact that the judge and jury, when they found themselves in the wrong, had the manliness to own it publicly and without reserve?


-Marshall, This Country of Ours


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